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Eric Marshall has been fighting for the rights of injured clients for over a decade in Nevada. Since the beginning he has been dedicated to exclusively representing injured plaintiffs. During his career, Eric has been influential in collecting millions of dollars in recovery for his clients. His ability to speak Portuguese and Spanish allows him to help clients from many nations and

Good representation is more than just good advocating, it’s establishing a relationship of trust with your client. That trust is built upon listening, counseling and communicating. That trust does not, and in fact cannot come automatically, it is earned. It is the goal of Marshall Injury Law to earn our client’s trust on every case so that we can become their “family attorney”.

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Injury Law Time Limit

In personal injury suits, the plaintiff has a limited time to bring the suit against the defendant. This amount of time is referred to as the statute of limitations. This period generally begins at the time the plaintiff is either injured or discovers the injury. Each statute of limitations varies according to the type of injury incurred. People need to move fast as some statutes of limitations are limited to one year.

Auto Accidents

Every driver has a duty to follow the rules of the road and to drive in a manner to avoid colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian.  Unfortunately, in spite of our best efforts accidents happen.  In the event that you are injured while driving your vehicle, the law permits you to seek recovery for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, scarring, disfigurement, medical expenses, incidental and consequential damages.  Your claims for damages may be affected by automobile coverages available to the parties, the extent of injuries claimed, delays in treatment and disputes regarding liability.  It is not uncommon for someone to feel “fine” at the time of the collision but later develop muscle tension, headaches, muscle spasm, numbness, tingling that they assume will go away.  These are signs of injury following a collision and should be addressed immediately to avoid long-term adverse medical effects.  Insurance companies are experts in denying claims and minimizing injuries following an accident.  Don’t attempt to negotiate with them directly, you need an injury lawyer now. Let the attorneys at Marshall Injury Law help you navigate the dangerous waters of an automobile claim and help you down the road to recovery.  “A good settlement is no accident.”  –  Eric Marshall, ESQ

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Big Rig Accident

Semi-trucks employ some of the most complicated and intricate insurance coverage plans of any motor vehicle on the road.  In many cases coverages are purchased for the truck driver and the truck itself.  Often the truck driver is an independent contractor and not an employee of the company for which he or she is transporting freight.  Determining the policy coverage for a semi-truck is a crucial step in any semi-truck related accident.  Injuries from a big-rig, semi-truck or tractor-trailer incident oftentimes result in more serious and long-lasting injuries to the injured party.  The injuries may include loss of limb, loss of time from work, substantial medical expenses and a road to recovery that may not return them to the way they were prior to the collision.  Experts may be necessary to discuss the long-lasting and lifetime effects of your injuries.  Understanding the type of insurance coverages available at the beginning of a claim is critical in obtaining adequate compensation.  If you have been injured due to the negligence of a big-rig, you need an injury lawyer now. Immediately contact the attorneys at Marshall Injury Law.  The initial consultation is free.  “A good settlement is no accident.”  –  Eric Marshall, ESQ

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Motorcycle Accident

Every year thousands of motorcyclists are subjected to motorcycle accidents. Often motorcyclists aren’t noticed by others on the highways or city streets. It is critical as motorcyclists to exercise a higher degree of attention to the automobiles around you as you travel. However, even the most careful motorcyclist can be involved in an accident. Fault for an accident involving motorcyclists isn’t always determined by whether the motorcycle made contact with another vehicle. Don’t assume that Just because you “laid down the bike” or failed to strike a vehicle that you do not have a potential claim for damages. It is imperative that you seek immediate counsel from an attorney familiar with motorcycle laws following an accident to understand your rights to recovery. As the laws concerning motorcycle accidents vary, you cannot speak with the adverse insurance company, you need an injury lawyer now. Please call the attorneys at Marshall Injury Law. There is no charge for the initial consultation.
“A good settlement is no accident.” – Eric Marshall, Esq.

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